Software Development Packages.

Codesoftic Tech Pvt Ltd is leading business Software development company. We expertise in design & development of small to complex business software.

Software Development Process

We take all stages of the software development process seriously. Our primary goal is to (meet all out customer needs and requirements) meet the needs and requirements of each customer as quickly as possible - that's why our feedback standard requires us to answer any client's question or request within 24 hours. This also includes daily, weekly and monthly reports on the project development status.

Software Development Quality

We believe that our high quality service provides a sound basis for a successful customer relationship. We consider the testing stage of the product to be one of the most important parts of the development process and we strive to exclude any errors before the product release milestone. Any programming issues discovered within a three-month warranty period will be resolved free of charge

Software Development Solutions

Codesoftic Tech Pvt Ltd. does its best to provide you with custom software solutions that will help you to keep one step ahead of your competitors by continuously improving your IT-based business solutions. We use the latest software development platforms and tools to achieve this.

  • The School Software System

    • Manage Asset,Lab & Library
    • Track data for the asset
    • Track historical data for the asset
    • Track & generate reports associated with the asset
    • Track audits
    • Manage Teachers Information
    • Manage Users & Associated Rights with the system
  • Take a Business Online – Instant Invoicing –

    • Manage all your contacts
    • Put categories & products online
    • Get reports instantly
    • Manage recurring invoice generated automatically
    • Clone the invoice instantly
    • Deletgate the control to staff
    • No technical knowledge required
  • The CRM Software (CRM Software Program)

    • Contacts Manager
    • Product Manager
    • Lead Manager / Opportunity Manager
    • Invoice Manager
    • CRM Reports
    • Settings / Templates / Tools
    • Lead Generated Monthly

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