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We offer best web development services in india. Our passionate nerds offer digital services to fulfill all your ambitions and help you take over the digital world.

Best Web Development Services in India


Are you looking for best web development services in India? Why else will you be here? Get a customized professional website specially designed for you to take your work and business to a million others. Just tell us what type of website you need- E-commerce website, Business website, Entertainment website, Portfolio website, Educational website, Personal website. Our nerds work on WordPress, Django and PHP frameworks like Codeigniter and Laravel.

Affordable web design Services

Codesoftic not only offers best web development services in India  but also exceptional and affordable web design services with a team of veterans that creates innovative, useful websites. Helps distinguish your brand, improve your growth rates, and maximizes your potential to grow your business and achieve your goals. We at Codesoftic provide various Design Services. We design beautiful & straightforward, intricate & classy and unique website layouts. We also develop websites with optimized codes and frameworks. Here we develop responsive mobile site designs using the latest libraries and codes to provide you with a better user interface.

Graphic Design

It’s challenging to come up with something that appeals to everyone, but we are also no less than Double-Ds. Err Design Daddies. Do you want to challenge us?

Website Design

What a beauty! That’s what we say when we see something alluring to the eyes. A beautiful website attracts more users and will delay their exit. Of course, it sells more as well.  

Mobile site Design

There are more Smartphone users than any other digital device. Optimize your website according to mobile site design so that mobile users get better navigation of your site. Or want to get an Mobile APP?

Front-End Services

Let your designs be so fun-filled and appealing that your viewers find it hard to leave your web pages. Just name it whether simple, intricate, light, dark, bright designs, etc. All will be taken care of by our creative and imaginative artists. These services strive for the front view which a user sees. Codesoftic family is a indian web design company, that provides engaging front-end services rivaling our best web development services in india. Our front end services include conversions such as UI Engineering, PSD to HTML, PSD to Email and PSD to CMS. Your targeted mass will never get bored with your layouts.



HTML5.1 is the latest version of Hypertext Markup Language our developers use; it is a set of codes that helps us display content on your web pages. 


It is a front-end framework used for designing responsive web designs. We can design templates for typography, forms, buttons, tables, navigation, modals, image carousels, etc.


It is used to make web development more accessible and more attractive. Our developers use it to create responsive, interactive elements for your web pages, enhancing the user experience.


With jQuery, our developers, “Write less, do more.” We use it to make attractive effects & animations, HTML/DOM manipulation, CSS manipulation, events methods, and AJAX.

 Front End Frameworks Stack for Custom website development

React.JS Web Development

If you need a website with an interactive user-interface and stunning designs, our react.js developers are happy to serve you. Its features like easy scalability and fault tolerance make it suitable for developing web projects with different complexity levels. With react.js, we can easily split pages into separate independent components and work along with you to customize pages to your priority and needs.

Angular.JS Web Development

It is the most powerful front-end framework. It helps developers like us to develop our clients’ websites with amazing User-Interface. Applications designed with angular have great load speed time. From a developers’ point of view, it’s time-saving, we can divide our pages into multiple components, and it will take over and performs the rest of the function. It saves the trouble of writing another code.

Node.JS Web Development

Node.js is a full-stack JavaScript for serving both the client and the server-side application. It develops fast and scalable web applications. It is one of the most suitable platforms to build a real-time web application at lightning speed. It is also a dynamic node package manager (NPM). We can divide pages in different small nodes and add or edit multiple nodes easily.

Custom website development Back-End

The pages, their functions, and the available information on the front end are made available by the hard written codes of a developer. We develop customized professional websites for business, e-commerce, educational and personal purposes.

Web Development

We have so much coding running down in our veins, we believe we can develop a cool website even while we are sleepwalking.

Lamp Development

Need a website based on the Linux operating system, Apache web server, MYSQL database, and PHP scripting language? So you know Linux is the most popular operating system used in web servers. Great!!!

CMS Development

Content management system allows one to control and manage content within a website. It’s so easy to add and delete images and text in sites that even you can do it.

E-commerce Web Development

With the rising popularity of the Internet, online shopping has become a never-ending trend. So why delay? Hurry up and get your E-commerce website now.

Back-end Development Technology Stack

Django Web Development

Django is one of the most mature web frameworks for Python. It follows the simple syntax rules of python which simplifies the development and maintenance of the website. Our developers skillfully uses the features provided by Django to develop rapid custom web applications for various business requirements. The built-in security features of Django helps our developers protect the web application’s from various security threats.

PHP Web Development

PHP is the most used scripting language as it offers many advanced features for a professional programmer. It is especially suited for web development of static websites, dynamic websites, and web applications. Most web hosting server supports PHP by default. It is a cross-platform or platform-independent language; we can deploy our application on several operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and UNIX.

WordPress Web Development

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System; many businesses operate online with WordPress website, especially the e-commerce industry. It’s easy to design a highly customize and a responsive website. You can update images and content regularly on your website without worrying about complex code and its super great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

CodeIgniter Web Development

Our experienced developers make use of highly functional libraries and MVC architecture framework to create dynamic and intuitive websites. It is one of the best platforms that simplifies the process of complex coding and helps developers to build websites swiftly. The skilled and dedicated team at Codesoftic makes the best of CodeIgniter to develop appealing web applications in a short amount of time and that too within the client’s budget.

Laravel Web Development

Laravel is a great choice when you need a website in PHP using multiple third-party APIs as it offers easy routing of API endpoints. Laravel framework also makes the implementation of authentication techniques very simple. It has advantage of an object-oriented and pre-installed libraries which other PHP frameworks does not offer. Laravel also supports MVC architecture, ensuring clarity between logic and presentation.

Flask Web Development

Flask is an API of python that allows us to build up web applications. Flask framework is more explicit than the Django’s framework and requires less base code to develop a simple web application. It has high customizability; our dedicated developers can modify, alter and implement the endless amount of custom features into your website. It is suitable for the alternating period of constant traffic and high traffic spikes. It also offers unshakable security.